Tips for thinking differently in business


When running a business, it’s important to think big and think differently about solutions and ideas. It’s an important skill that many entrepreneurs should adopt. To help you think differently in business, we’ve come up with some tips below.

Believe in your ideas

As a business entrepreneur, it’s important to believe in your ideas. Believing means having hope and a positive attitude towards your ideas and being open to all possibilities. Ideas will come with many risks but believing your ideas will work out is the way to go. Afterall business is all about taking risks and making your ideas happen without worrying that it might fail.

Think of the future

Always look for improvements and growth in all areas of your business. Look for ideas that will bring growth and profit in the longer run. Find out where your business is in the market and look at how you can develop even further to move up from where you are. Evaluating your business and looking for improvement is critical for securing a good future for your business.

Up your game

Business is no doubt a competitive environment. Know your environment and the competition around you. Find out more about your competitors and why they are doing well. What resources do they have that you do not currently have in your business? Knowing more about your competitors can be useful for your business too. You can also come up with ideas that can help your business have a competitive edge.

Play with your strengths and uniqueness

Each business has their unique selling point. It may be your branding or your product offering, whatever your strength is, make sure that you promote them well. Highlighting your unique selling point will make you stand out and different from the rest. Using your strengths will also make you a strong competitor in the field.


How Mobile Coffee Vans Operate?

Mobile coffee van is a great treat for the pedestrians. They can feel refreshed on the road by having coffee from the mobile coffee van or mobile coffee cart. Besides coffee, you can get other snacks also, like those that are served in a typical coffee shop. The number of such business is growing around the world.

What is a mobile coffee van?

Mobile coffee vans are vehicles that contain a coffee machine and other equipment required to sell coffee and related items that are normally sold at a coffee shop. A mobile coffee van is a great alternative to the normal coffee shops. It costs a lot of money to set up a coffee shop, but you can have a mobile coffee van with very little investment.


The cost of starting a mobile coffee van is as low as £5,000. You can get a franchise of a renowned brand for about £30,000. People now prefer high-quality coffee. The profit margin for this business is very high. Coffee is such an item that you will be able to sell it throughout the year and you will never be short of demand. You can convert any kind of vehicle into a mobile coffee van including golf buggies, VW campers, Piaggio three wheelers, etc. You can operate your business with lots of flexibility. You can only choose to operate in various events or you can do it every day in the streets or retail parks. It can be your part-time business as well.

Getting franchise

If you don’t have the experience in coffee business, then you can minimize your business risk by buying a franchise. There are many renowned mobile coffee van businesses that are selling a franchise. You will be able to learn the business from the experienced professionals and get the necessary training and support for equipment. According to a study, the franchise sector of this industry is growing.

Hiring mobile coffee van services

If you are trying to find a mobile coffee van for your special event then you can search online. There are many businesses that offer mobile coffee services for special events. You can hire them for a few hours or an entire day. You can also hire them for a few days and in remote locations. These companies are well equipped and can serve a huge number of guests. The coffee vans used by these companies are technologically advanced. You can get personalized services. So, whether it’s a corporate event or a wedding, a mobile coffee van can make your event more attractive and enjoyable.

Operation of a mobile coffee van

In order to succeed in this business, the quality of the coffee and speed of service is very important. You need to stock your van with the finest quality espresso machine so that you can get the best coffee. During the morning rush hours, your machine should be able to make multiple cups of coffee fast and you should have enough people on your van to serve the coffee without making the customers wait for too long in a queue.  The van must be fuel efficient and should have an alternative gas power source. Here are the detailed steps of operation of a mobile coffee van.

Obtain license

You will need to obtain a license for the business. If you want to sell snacks and other beverages alongside coffee then you will have to mention it to the local council. You will need to inform them where you are going to sell coffee so that you can get the appropriate license.

Buy stock

It is necessary to keep stock on a regular basis. You need to find a reliable wholesaler from whom you can buy the stock. You must choose the right beans, grinder and espresso machine in order to make high-quality coffee. You will need cups of different sizes to serve coffee according to customer’s preferences. You will need other things like milk, straws, sugar sticks, stirrers, sweeteners, trays, etc. You should have lots of variation in your menu. Apart from the common items like a latte, cappuccino, tea, espresso, iced tea, etc. you should have syrups like vanilla or caramel, hot chocolate powder, lemonade, etc.


A good coffee machine can be expensive, but it will last for a long time. If your budget is low, you can buy second-hand coffee machines from sites like Gumtree or eBay. Your coffee machine must be tailored to your van. The coffee machine shouldn’t take up much space. Make sure there is a power source. You should have an inverter generator. You can also use a leisure battery. A cost-effective option is to hire the coffee machine. You can get the grinder, freezer, etc. along with the package. You can hire the inverters, generators, and batteries as well.


You should have options to pay by cash or card. When customers pay by cash, the transaction will be faster and there will be less queue. However, you should have a portable card machine as well for customers who want to pay by card.


As the competition is high, you will need to have a good marketing plan. Word-of-mouth is a great strategy to attract your local customers. You can offer free coffee tasters. You can offer loyalty cards. Social media is a great platform to market your product as well. You should have a website where you can have your menu and information about your company.


You must have an insurance to protect your business from unforeseen events. Your insurance should cover your van and equipment. Having public liability insurance will protect you from accidental food poisoning. You can have employer’s liability insurance as well.

The mobile coffee van business is very competitive now. You will need to come up with innovative products and technologies to keep up with the competition. You can develop apps through which your customers can pre-order the coffee and know where your van will be through GPS system. You should concentrate on serving quality coffee always and try to create a brand image.


Tips for reaching your sales goals


For many businesses, reaching the sales goal is critical. To ensure that you are on the right track on reaching your goal, we’ve provided some following tips that could help you along the way.

Monthly subscriptions

Selling your service or product on a monthly subscription is better than selling them as a one-off. A monthly subscription may seem more affordable to the customers rather than selling them at a full price. People are always looking for an affordable buy so it’s important that you create a package that will suit everyone’s budget. You are more likely to increase sales with this method.

Team motivation

Motivating your team is highly important as this will have a positive effect on their energy. Motivated staffs are more likely to put an extra effort on their work too. You can introduce some sales promotional incentives to create a fun and positive vibe for the team.

Social Media Interaction

Take advantage of social media by sharing your contents online. It’s also ideal to make your content as interactive as possible to attract more customers and get them to engage with your posts. Social media is the perfect platform for sharing any promotions that you currently have to drive even more sales.

Improve your contract

You may want to change up your contract to close more deals at the end of this year. We find that many customers are more likely to seal a deal when they have been given an option to try the service for a month and an option to opt out if they did not like the product or service. Another tip is to shortening your contract on a quarterly basis instead of a yearly basis. Customers feel safer to sign up for a contract on a short-term basis instead of a longer one.

The benefits of steel frame buildings

Industrial Steel BuildingsA major consideration for many businesses is ensuring they have the right amount of space available for their needs, and that this space is fit for purpose. Office space for employees is a common requirement, but for many types of business there is a lot more to the process. Industrial steel frame buildings can have many uses for businesses including warehousing, factory space and more, plus they offer a great range of benefits over alternative methods of constructing your own bespoke buildings on site. These include the following:

Ease of installation

Provided you have a professional specialist company to construct your steel frame buildings, the whole process can be very quick and easy. Using a portal frame system, which is common in the industry, two portal sections are connected by a series of bays. The larger your building, the more bays will be required to construct it. No welding is needed to fasten the building together permanently.

Value for money

Steel can be cut to the exact size required based on detailed plans, which will include all the different columns, rafters, brackets, sheeting and other parts that will go into assembling your building. This means the required sections will be as compact as possible, so they can be packed and transported efficiently and cheaply. It also means there is absolutely no waste to dispose of on site when construction takes place, and labour costs are minimal due to the simple process.