How To Make Your Business Seem Bigger Than It Is

There are lots of benefits to being a small business, such as flexibility and having a personal relationship with your customers. However, in some cases you might want to give the illusion that your business is larger than it really is, as this can help new customers trust you and see you as a viable to your bigger competitors. So what can you do to give this impression?

  • Start with your name. If your business is already established it might seem like a huge task to re-brand under a new name, but it could pay off if this is what’s holding you back. New businesses must be careful to get this right the first time and avoid the hassle of changing. In this scenario you are probably trying to avoid names that make it obvious you are working alone, or restrict you to one very local area.
  • Use a professional address. Your business might be something you manage entirely from your home, with no dedicated business address, but this isn’t an ideal setup if you want to appear larger. To avoid this, you might want to consider paying for a PO Box to mask your real address.
  • Register as a limited company. This is usually recommended anyway, but being able to legitimately add the “Ltd” to the end of your business name gives some additional reassurance that you are a real, possibly large company.
  • Branding is everything. Any size business can create a solid brand identity for itself and appear indistinguishable from huge corporate firms in terms of professionalism. How you present your company includes fonts, colours, logos as well as choice of language and how your staff present themselves, but the key is consistency. Building a successful brand can completely disguise the fact that you only have a small workforce behind the scenes.
  • Build your online presence. It’s easier online than anywhere else to create the illusion that your brand is bigger than it really is. It might require a little more investment, but it’s definitely worth getting your website built to a standard that could be used by large corporations too. Unprofessional websites are one of the clearest indicators of a small company. Beyond this, you need consistency across your email addresses, social media profiles and so on to solidify your brand.

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