7 Types Of Video That Work For Businesses

As we all know already, video is a powerful form of media content and that’s why the internet is gradually becoming even more geared towards this format. On every platform, from search engines to social networks, you will find that video continues to infiltrate the content you’re seeing more of. This is because it simply works.

But as a business, taking advantage of that is more than just acknowledging a broad phenomenon. Hiring a corporate video production company is a fantastic start and it probably means your finished video will look better, but even that isn’t enough in isolation. You need to make sure video is part of your strategy and make it work for your exact business, otherwise you’ll never get the most value from it.

A major part of that comes down to choosing an appropriate type of video to focus on next. Here are just seven fantastic examples to experiment with.

Brand introduction

Why not go for the classic approach and create an introductory video explaining your company, your values and the rest of the basics? When done well, this can be highly valuable and it’s a resource you can use over and over again. The most common thing that people do wrong here is that they never move past this form of video and they think they’ve finished. In reality a mix of all the following types can also help a lot.

Explainer video

These informative, straightforward videos can be done in an animated form to save time and money, or you could pick up a camera to maximise the amount of interaction your audience gets with a real person on screen. Either way, the point is to explain your product or service in an engaging way. You could tell the origins of your company in a fun way or explains the fundamentals of your product.

Tutorial video

In a similar way, you can get a point across well in a video format, and this works especially well when you are adopting a value-first strategy (perfect for getting noticed on social media and doing something other than preaching about your great products). Teaching your viewers how to do something really useful helps establish trust and brings in repeat traffic.

Product review

Like explainer videos, these are known to really help with conversions on e-commerce websites and for other businesses. Videos are the closest substitute for customers actually being able to see and touch your products in a physical shop, which is why they help with sales so much. They make it much easier to persuade someone that buying your product is a good idea.

Live streaming

This is a hot trend across social media platforms in 2017, and if you can embrace live video you might find it easier to engage with certain audiences. Give it a try whenever something exciting is happening, or plan a webinar that will interest your clients and schedule a set time to go live.

Review aggregator

A good way to engage with customers and boost your search engine presence is to create a video that summarises some of your best reviews and testimonials. You can optimise this video so that it appears whenever someone is trying to search your brand, and use the video format as an opportunity to connect with those people.

Casual video

You can spend a lot of money on a flashy advert, but if you don’t distribute it properly you’ll never get that value back. Try taking the opposite approach for a low-cost, low-risk alternative strategy. You can put a video together in just a few seconds on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, and don’t necessarily need to edit it at all. Just make sure the content creates a personal “way in” for your potential customers so they can see that interesting and relatable people are involved with your business.

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