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Distinguishing the good metal fabricators from the bad

What Sets a Good Metal Fabricator Apart from the Bad?

Choosing from among the many metal fabricators in London for your construction needs can be quite tricky. On the surface, everybody seems to offer and promise just the same thing. But finding the best metal fabrication company is not like finding a needle in a haystack. There are several qualities you can check and consider to see which among the options will make the right partner for your construction project.

Here are the specific qualities that distinguish good metal fabricators from the bad ones:

Good track record

Everything boils down to the track record or the reputation of the company that will take care of your metal fabrication needs. Especially in today’s digital and social-driven age, it is easy to spot bad companies from the negative reviews or feedback that people post online. That said, be thorough when researching your options on the internet. Ask also for referrals from family, friends, and colleagues. Filter out the ones with a lot of bad reviews.

Once you have shortlisted your top metal fabricators based on their reputation, it will be easier to check them according to other criteria. Contact each company on your list and request for a tour of its facility. Metal fabricators with outstanding reputation will have no qualms showing you around and briefing you about their processes and technologies.

Reliable customer service

Like in any business, customer service is crucial to any metal fabrication project. How can you expect that your project will be completed according to the timelines when you cannot reach the right contact person when you need to ask some questions? A good metal fabricator is not only skilled and capable but also responsive to its customers’ needs from the project’s beginning until the end.

You can test the quality of a company’s service by taking note of how its representatives respond to your questions and requests. Are they professional? Do they follow through their commitments? Do they respond right away? Before you hire a company, make sure that you are satisfied with its customer service.

Commitment to quality

Check the past projects that the companies you are considering have done for other clients.  Find out also the certifications and policies that each metal fabrication firm has for quality assurance. More importantly, ask the companies about their quality standards for the kind of metal that you require for your construction project.

Ability to meet your exact needs

Different metal fabricators have different specializations. For example, you cannot expect a metal fabricator that specializes in car parts to be as good as one that can do architectural metal fabrication. So make sure to hire one that can work on the type and grade of metal for your particular project.

Ideally, a good company is like a one-stop shop, meaning it can handle your project at all processes, from start to finish. You will just waste your time and money on metal fabricators that outsource some of their processes to other firms.

Do I Need Planning Permission For My New Steel Building in UK?

zoning laws ukWhen you are planning on constructing a new outbuilding, like a cabin or a steel shed, you need to know the laws that apply to you. You need to know if you need planning permission for a new steel building. You have to understand the laws in place that govern the construction and what fines you might have to pay if you end up violating a law you didn’t try to learn about.

That is the first step in figuring out whether or not you need planning permission, you need to go to the local planning authority and ask. It does you know good if you purchase all the materials and set them in your backyard for when you start your construction. Before all of that can happen, you need to know what is going to govern how you create your structure. No doubt you’ll have a plan all set up for when you create your steel building, but if it goes over regulation you can get stopped halfway through building it.

building plansThat is why you have to go to your local city council and talk to their planning authority. You want to be sure that if you are building something that they don’t have any problems with it, otherwise you may well end up having to tear it down once you’re done constructing it. You don’t want to have to waste all that time and effort on a failed endeavor, do you? That’s why going to somebody you can get clear answers from is important.

Unfortunately, it may not be as easy as that, because if you like in the UK, the zoning laws for temporary structures can be somewhat complex. If you are going to make a steel building that you want to keep up for more than a month, you need to be sure that you know the laws. Even if they are complicated, you need to break them down, take them apart, and put them back together again in a way that you understand. If you have trouble understanding legal brief, get a friend who can understand it take a look.

The whole point of making a structure outside of your home is so that you have a place to store the tools, equipment, and other things that just don’t belong in a house. So if you want those tools to be stored properly and safely, you have to know exactly what you are doing and who you need to talk to. “Do I need planning permission for my new steel building in UK?” You do, if only so that nobody tries to tear it down while you’re using it.


5 Areas to focus to achieve Real Innovation in Manufacturing

manufacturingManufacturing is an art because it’s a production and making of a good on a very large scale with machinery ans making machinery and working with it is not easy, in today’s world you can’t step ahead without manufactured goods. Manufacturing is always a very important need for our society. It is done in every part of the world and people enjoys the products and good and fulfil their needs.

“Winners make a habit of manufacturing their own positive expectations in advance of the even.”

There are some of the main areas any manufacturer should peep should peep into.


Production is very initial and important step towards manufacturing. Manufacturer should invest labour capital and nowadays people believe in the companies who would really invest in recycling and reusing this is an important thing under product process. Under production there can be two kind of strategies :

# Operational production, in which we have to use high quality tools to achieve an innovative goal and idea and this will directly increase your excellence in work just like lean manufacturing.

# Resource production, resources are the very basic things to start a particular task but here we can produce our own resources by creating a chain or resources and adding more and more people in it. We can use the strategy of lowering the price so that it will attract more and more people.


Design is a very important step towards the growth of any company or an organisation.We can get an example of P&G how it tripled the innovation and get success because of large business creation groups. Moving from R&D to C&D which is all about consumer and their demands . Today manufacturing can only be successful if you makes your consumer happy.

3. Collaboration

Collaboration increases the opportunities and chances for the innovation because it creates variation and lots of ideas. And it creates people happy and more investment too.

4. Implement a continuous improvement culture

It all means about Innovation and excellence of production and new ideas which really improve the culture of manufacturing so every company can work in parallel sense and can do justice to the consumers.

5. Developing talent and ability to innovate.

Every manufacturer should think innovatively and uniquely so that their product would be out of the league or should hire a innovative team to that new ideas with new technology can come up and innovative manufacturing can be done.

Be innovative!