Cost-Effective Marketing for Small businesses


For small businesses, marketing is key when it comes to reaching your audience and becoming more visible online. Although marketing is important, many small enterprises are not investing enough time or money in their marketing – this is mainly due to keeping their expenses low. Managing your finance and keeping on budget is, of course, important, but marketing is also an essential factor that can’t be ignored. To help small businesses with marketing and keeping their expenses low, we’ve listed some tips below that will bring results and won’t break the bank.

Business cards are still an essential kit to have for business owners. Make sure all details on your business card are correct; this includes your contact number, website, email address and even your social media accounts. You never know who you might encounter on a day-to-day basis. You may end up meeting people that will bring value to your business. For instance, you may encounter a potential customer or a potential employee.


Take advantage of networking and use it as much as possible. The benefit of networking is to make your business known wherever you are, making your business more visible to potential clients. Networking also helps build a relationship with other businesses. Don’t forget the business card goes hand in hand with networking, so bring them wherever you go! Networking today can now be done in person or online.

Heard of free online marketing? One of the methods of online marketing includes building content that contains suitable keywords related to your business. The keywords used in your content will be picked up by Google, which will help rank your website in the search engine. It’s also important to maintain and update your contents as this also affects your ranking. Furthermore, updating your content will send out a positive message to your existing customers as this shows that your business is always up to date and ready for business!

Another form of online marketing is making use of emails to stay in touch with your existing audience. Marketing emails are generally effective when they are sent once a month. You don’ want to send out emails too often as your emails may end up looking spammy to your customers. Customers are also more likely to opt-out from your emails if they are bombarded with it. Another tip is to keep your customers interested by sending out emails about discounts, deals or any update about your products or services.

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